Would You like to host your own Radio Show?

Written by on June 18, 2017


Do you consider yourself witty, intelligent and have a sense of humor?

Have a keen grasp on current issues, keep up on trends, listen to music, and feel like people listen to what you have to say?  

   If you said Yes, Then Renagade Radio offers a turn-key radio kit to get you started on a road to having a successful Live Radio Show!

 Come join a network that gives you the platform to reach millions of listeners annually and allows you to connect with people all around the world.

Renagade Radio provides you with the opportunity to use your talents and abilities to advance your chosen career path on a top charted Internet radio, allowing you to develop your skill set into becoming a successful radio show

personality! If you have dreamt about becoming a radio show host, there is no better time than Right Now, to turn your dreams into reality.


 Provide you and others a forum for discussion and creative expression 


Help build + enhance your Name, Company & Professional Brand


 Give you and your listeners an outlet to have fun through an eclectic entertainment source


 Give you a platform to showcase your specific expertise to your target audience and Increase Reach to National & International Markets


 You will be able to Network with A-List Celebrities & Industry Leading Professionals


 Improve SEO (Search Engine Optimizing) allowing people to find you Faster + Easier on the Web


 Gain recognition, become an Authority + Thought Leader in Your Industry


  It could lead to High Paid Speaking Engagements/ Live radio events


Additional Income Streams through sponsorships and advertisement


Help The Sponsors and advertisers potentially gain loyalty & higher retention of clients and also break through plateaus in marketing and business growth




Help you build and Increase a database of networking connections


The Possibilities are all here at Renagaderadio.com


The Radio in a Box Package will equip you with the tools you need to set up a mobile studio anywhere you would like, perfect for in home, on location, or in-studio sessions.

The Radio Kit will Include:

 Tutorial for Operation

2 Microphones / Stands & Spit Guards

2 pairs of Headphones

1 Sound Board

Power Cords and Connectors

Computer equipped with Radio Programming

On-Air time slot with encoder and Pre-Made Renagade Radio Bumpers


  RenagadeRadio.com guarantees an unforgettable experience that could be a potentially rewarding adventure. Learn How to Network, Market, and build a successful radio program and watch the doors to new opportunities open. 

For more questions to get started on the airwaves today contact airplay@renagaderadio.com

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