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Whisky -n- A Smoke ” Live” in the Back room of The Boom Boom Room

Written by on April 5, 2023

Whisky -n- A Smoke

” Live”

The Boom Boom Room

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Miss Lacey Bailar



Ivan de Prume

Boundless Joy

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    Market St. Boundless Joy

Ivan de Prume is a multi-faceted musician, producer, and performer,

best known for his heavy hitting style as drummer in the groove metal band White Zombie.

Born in Brooklyn, New York City, de Prume comes from a rich history of artists.

Ivan’s sister, Cathryn de Prume is a successful actress and they have collaborated on two short films together.
But it is his lineage from his great-great-grandfather that is perhaps the most influential.

Canadian violinist and composer Frantz Jehin-Prume was one of Canada’s most famous musicians

and the fact that there is music in the blood, resonates in Ivan.

He started playing drums when he was twelve and was playing in a band

with Sean Yseult (bassist, White Zombie) called Life when he was sixteen.

SONGWRITER at Musician and works at Drummer/Percussionist at San Diego Links 

Promo photo of Ivan de Prume's band Boundless Joy.

In 2019, Ivan formed Big News with guitarist Al Silveira, vocalist Mike Bell and bass player Robert Chum Keith releasing their debut record “The Lowdown” on February 14th 2020.

 In 2021, Ivan and bass player Robert Chum Keith brings in guitarist/vocalist Sean McLeod to form Boundless Joy. The group combines classic metal, hard rock and funk to create a sound that is driving, heavy and rhythmic. 

Ivan has been previously signed, recorded, performed and/or produced for Geffen Records, Caroline Records, Sony Records, 13th Planet, Noise Records, Silent Explosion Records, Risk Records, Roadrunner Records, and Polygram Records.


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