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Ukraine, Border, 2nd Amendment & More with Joe Kent

Written by on May 19, 2023

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Tonight Show EP 240

Ukraine, Border, 2nd Amendment & More with Joe Kent

Thanks for tuning in to the weekly guest edition of The Nunn Report.

This week we have on a true America first patriot from WA that I have come to know some over the course of several events. He’s served this country for much of his adult life as a 20-year veteran in the Special Forces, a Field Operative in the CIA & as a foreign policy advisor for president trump.

He’s now setting his eyes on congress in Washington State’s 3rd Congressional District where in 2022 he was successful in primarying out a RINO and was narrowly defeated in the general election. He is currently campaigning for the same seat in 2024 focused on restoring common sense Republican values and defeating the woke extremist Democrat congresswoman Marie Perez.

Today we’ll touch on a range of topics from the debt ceiling, Biden crime family, border security, the war in Ukraine, Second Amendment, and more.

Let’s get right down to it and welcome to the show, America First Conservative, fellow MAGA Republican, & the hardest working candidate I know – Joe Kent.

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