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Thirst Traps and Sybian Rides

Written by on December 15, 2023

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    Thirst Traps and Sybian Rides Dark Mark Show

Mark and Nicole brought back 2 of their favorite guests Pro Dom, Life Coach and Sex and Relationship Guru Orpheus Black and comedian/actress Vanja Renee for a wild supersized show.

Orpheus described himself as a “big nerd” but has been helping men, women and couples get in touch with their kinky side for a long time now and talks about his current poly relationship with 4 women, finding kinky women at Home Depot, helping people get comfortable with their desires, the sexual stereotypes of being a black male,  and how to be authentic in every way is the key to getting what you want. He also analyzed Mark’s results of the Dom archetype quiz he took on Orpheus’ website.

Vanja talked about being intrigued by BDSM at an early age and actually tying herself up before any partner did it for her, she talked about how despite internet rumors to the contrary, Red Lobster is not the worst place you can take a woman on a date, her desire for eye contact and connection, as she avoided the gazes of Mark and Orpheus, posting thirst traps on social media, how many times women get hit on constantly, penis size, the importance of air freshener and so much more…

Oprheus brought so much luggage, you would think he was taking a flight. He brought out a sybian and you would not belive who rides it at the end of the show!

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