The Vampire Ball

Written by on February 21, 2022

So much to say about this one. I got ready at my friend Michael Vile’s house. He’s a real life magician and was done up like a French Nobleman and I was in black with a tasteful choker and some fishnets.

We were going to the annual Endless Night’s Vampire Ball created and run by my friend Father Sebastiaan. Father Sebastiaan is a legendary figure in the goth community and exceptional Fangsmith. Tonight was a very special night as he would be marrying his beloved Lindsey Berg.

Before the ceremony began however there was much talent to be had.

Downstairs was a room of vendors and enchantment including the lovely Lilian Mortis vending for Vampyre and Occult Cosmetics and a dance floor. I bought a ring, and had fun saying hello to many familiar faces before heading upstairs to catch the evenings entertainment.

First came on my friends in Neon Coven who shall we say “slayed” performing their own amazing original tracks and one great cover of Depeche Mode.

After Neon Coven I was surprised to see another friend of mine and exceeding talent, Jason Charles Miller. He performed his best vampire tracks and the crowd adored him. I first met Miller and his lovely wife on the set of “Hundred Pound Hammer” directed by my friend the ever loved Jon Schnepp. It was the last artistic project Jon put out and you can listen to it here:

After Miller came the amazingly stunning Dani Divine with a sensual burlesque number and lots of blood! Fake blood, of course, but she did look lovely covered in it. A clear and professional talent, the attending audience was blown away with cheers.

Next to the stage was another familiar face the legendary Dan Sperry. He performed incredible illusions that were some of the best magic I have seen on stage. There was this one trick he did with a dove where he somehow turned it blood red. So cool! He kind of freaked me out with the razor blades but he was a master showman and it all came together brilliantly.

Once the talent was done the darling Harvey Guillen who plays Guillermo on What We Do In The Shadows and the MC for the night led us in the Howl! The whole crowd howled as one and it was magnificent.

Following the Howl came the beautiful nuptials of Father Sebastiaan and Lindsey Berg conducted by Patti Negri of Ghost Adventures.

Truly it was a night filled with love, magic, and stars and I had a blast.

Until next year, friends. Such a blast seeing all of you and the various names I did not mention. You were beautiful and I am so glad I came.

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