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The Mysterious Room

Written by on June 12, 2023

I arrived early at Petite Ermitage and took a spot next to the fire place. I noticed a rose and a riding crop set out before the fire and wondered if it was a hotel display for Valentine’s Day.

I was there with a famous artist and my friend a talented film producer and his lovely girlfriend who would be dancing in tonight’s performance by my friend Toledo Diamond.

I had first met Toledo at this very hotel years ago when my friend Cherry danced for him. Toledo would give a live musical performance and on certain numbers a elegant dancer would join in, almost acting out the scenes in his songs. It was a beautiful one of a kind performance and as always I was very excited to be there.

A woman in a submissive outfit joined us by the fire and looking again at the riding crop I asked her what it was all for.

“Would you like me to show you?” She asked, her eyes mischievous behind her veil and I said.


“May I blindfold you?” She asked, placing a chair by the fire and taking me by the hand to lead me to it.

“Of course.” I smiled, equally mischievously and allowed myself to be blindfolded and sat.

She started with a feather, teasing my cheeks and bare legs.

As this was happening I realized there was a second set of hands tracing symbols in my open palms while the feather lightly caressed my skin.

Then they told me to take a deep breath and suddenly came the sensation of hot wax being poured out on my open palms.

After that came the crop, lightly smacking my hands and legs, coming to rest under my chin playfully.

They had me smell the rose and then as I did one of the women whispered in my ear “If you want more come to room 110”.

Then they removed my blindfold and I saw a masked woman dressed in lace and fishnets and knew who the second pair of hands were.

I went back to my table and enjoyed Toledo’s show all the while wondering what would be in store for me in room 110.

I ate with my friends after the show, the food at Petite Ermitage is delicious and decadent. I excused myself afterward and headed down to the mysterious room.

Once again I was blindfolded and on a speaker I heard a voice say my name as they led me to a chair.

The voice proceeded to tell me an erotic story with myself as the main character. Nicole, it said the over and over as the two girls massaged my arms and traced sensual patterns down my legs. Then I felt the cold wet touch of an ice cube on my cheek and they caressed my face with it before moving to my legs.

Then they brought back the riding crop, lightly smacking me all over my bare skin and the story reached it’s climax.

At the end they stood me up and led me back to the door only removing my blindfold when I was safely back in the hall.

I never saw the mysterious room, nor did I see the narrator of this erotic playful experience but it was a lot of fun and I’ll definitely be back soon.

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