The Director Party

Written by on June 26, 2021

When my dear friend Alan, a young and talented author who was once on the NYT Bestseller list before we met, invited me to a prestigious BBQ in the Valley I just had to go.

The owner of the house was a notable Science Fiction Director we’ll call Steve. He was very kind and there were many delicious things to eat.

I had already dipped into my supply of Renagade Kush and the arrangements of meats, vegetables, snacks, and Mid-Western salads had me positively drooling. To drink there was a full bar and I wasted no time mixing myself a cocktail with the best tequila I could find before grabbing a plate and heading over to the BBQ.

In Los Angeles it is common to follow any introduction with a reply of “and what do you do?”.

What do you do, the question that defines us here in Los Angeles. I always answer the same “I’m a writer”. This is then followed by a bunch of quizzes by the new acquaintance wondering if you are famous or not. I always answer the question gracefully but it still bothers me. It’s as though you’re constantly having to prove your value in LA, with every new person you meet.

The party went on, we smoked and relaxed and talked about weird foods. For example, there was a dish in Peru where women chewed up potatoes instead of mashing them. There was also a moth in South Korea that when fried a certain way allegedly tasted just like popcorn. I was hungry again and could smell the corn roasting on the grill. I could almost taste it and waited eagerly for it to be served.

While I waited for the corn I found this cookie. It was a perfect cookie with white chocolate, milk chocolate, peanut butter, and pretzels all mixed in and baked. I was in love and couldn’t help but think how it would taste medicated.

Night fell and we all sat around the fire pit satisfied and talking about Steve’s newest Sci-Fi flick and how amazing it sounded.

It was nice to know, insufferable questions aside, if you made the right friends in LA you were always in good company.

Nicole Sixx

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