Sunset at Venice

Written by on June 26, 2021

I got the text from Snow to meet him at the beach house just after seven. I met up with my girlfriend Natalie around 6:00 and we made the drive out from Hollywood.

I had a bottle of Patron and a bag of Renagade Kush in my pocket and was wearing a nice sundress. Natalie was all dolled up in a cute bikini and shorts.

We’re Hollywood Girls so the drive to Venice was about 40 minutes but we made it just in time for sunset.

Once we arrived at the house a group of men on the deck assured us this is where the party was at and welcomed us in. It was Matty-Boy’s Birthday and already were people drinking and blazing and watching as that big golden globe turned to fire in the sky as it dipped closer and closer to the ocean.

As the sun set we were greeted by the music of a beautiful flautist on the roof. It seemed they could play anything from classical to classic rock. The sun set and the beautiful music played it to sleep. We had an incredible view of both.

Natalie stayed sober so we could drive back safely but I had myself a nice glass of tequila and gave Snow some of my good Renagade Kush to roll. We rolled two right away, one as my present to the birthday boy and the other to pass around as friends.

There is something so special in sharing a joint with your friends and it was made even more special by that sunset.

Once the stars came out a tall pink furry monster man came out to DJ EDM and Natalie got into the hot tub. I had not brought a suit so that kept me out but didn’t seem to deter this other woman around my age who stripped down naked and didn’t even get all the way in, just sat there nude from the waist up.

They got the grill going and I wandered down to the kitchen. There were burgers, salmon, guacamole, and charcuterie. I refreshed my drink and asked if the gummy bears were medicated and a girl replied “No. But they are Vegan!”

The “vegan” gummy bears were amazing, especially the pink ones and I went back upstairs to roll another joint and enjoy my delicious plate of goodies.

Natalie stayed in the hot tub under the stars for a bit and I talked to my friends Snow and Erin about life, the universe, and everything.

We were both glowing by the time we left and looked up at the stars on our way out.

Some nights the beach just feels like heaven.

Nicole Sixx

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