I have always been a fan of a hot burlesque show and these girls bring it. Put together by the legendary Rock ‘N’ Roll Witch Pleasant Gehman it was the perfect way to celebrate her new book. Hosted by Mae Lust each woman had an amazing introduction that they lived up to. First up to […]

So much to say about this one. I got ready at my friend Michael Vile’s house. He’s a real life magician and was done up like a French Nobleman and I was in black with a tasteful choker and some fishnets. We were going to the annual Endless Night’s Vampire Ball created and run by […]

I arrived early at Petite Ermitage and took a spot next to the fire place. I noticed a rose and a riding crop set out before the fire and wondered if it was a hotel display for Valentine’s Day. I was there with a famous artist and my friend a talented film producer and his […]

 Podcasts collide this week as Mark and Nicole welcome actor/directors/scholars Lisa Ann Goldsmith and Owen Thompson of the award winning podcast  “The Bardcast” It’s Shakespeare You Dick!” to the lighter side of the dark side.   Lisa Ann and Owen discussed the amount of dick jokes and sex in Shakespeare’s work, how technology is proving he […]

 Joycelyne Lew,  is an actress/voiceover artist/model/comedian/host/YouTuber/makeup artist/magician/body part model/hairstylist/cook and has so many more talents. She tells stories about her extensive show business career and working with everybody from Yul Brenner, Danny Thomas, Jackie Chan, David Carradine, The Golden Girls, Kris Kristofferson, Angelyne, The Jeffersons, Tommy Weisau, Andy Dick, Richard Tyson, James Hong, Bo Derek […]

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