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Severed heads and Foot Fetishes

Written by on July 7, 2023

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    Severed heads and Foot Fetishes Dark Mark Show

Mark and Nicole welcomed the most interesting person in the world Sin Twisted and horror director Joe Castro to the lighter side of the dark side for a terrific night of chatting about everything from sex and violence to very deep conversation.

Sin is back in LA after a hiatus and regaled Mark and Nicole all about what goes on at the Foot night parties and swingers’ clubs she works at. She extolled the virtues of having a split tongue and she and Nicole discussed some unusual parts of a man that they are attracted to. Sin is still as flexible as ever as she has no cartilage and can bend her body in all sorts of unnatural and arousing positions and used the pandemic to sew and give away masks to people who wouldn’t otherwise have access and raise awareness for Native Americans and indigenous people as well as start a virtual strip club community.

Joe started the show by bringing out 2 severed heads (including one of Bai Ling) from recent movies he has worked on, he described the profits and cult following he has developed from his Terror Toons horror franchise, which is now at Terror Toons 4, he also tells of breaking the Guinness World Record for the most kills in a slasher movie with his film Summer of Massacre and talks about his hard up ringing in Texas as a child realizing he was gay at 2 years old, but with the help of cousins, Boy George and his husband Steven is now part of a Hollywood power couple and has a movie The Barn 2 which is #2 just behind Terrifier 2 on the Screambox top 10

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