Scary Guy On the “FIERCE AS F#%K” Radio Hour with Justice Howard

This week  on Justice Howard’s ” Fierce as Fuck” Radio Hour.


Thursday, March 15th 2018 @ 9PM PST

Justice Howard  is pulling in Scary Guy for an exclusive one on one interview on

With an intimidating bad guy look of  being covered in tattoos and piercings , you might profile Scary Guy as a criminal and try to avoid his eye contact.

That will all change once you listen in, be prepared to go beyond  first impressions and discover the true creative heart and mind of a teacher.

Scary graduated in 1972 from High School.
He was a voice major at College.

He writes classical music. He is a modern day philosopher.
He is an artist. He is a singer. He is an entertainer. He is a performer.
He is a comedian. He was a baby portrait photographer.
He was a computer salesman. He is a tattoo artist and owned
three tattoo shops in Tucson Arizona and is  currently building his new world-class Headquarters in Wigan, England, which will entail his Training Center, private Tattoo Studio, Scary’s Tattoo a Fine Art Gallery, and Coffee Shop. –

“Scary” is a warrior against prejudice, hate, and violence. He works in schools, police departments, detention centers and even for the American military. He uses his skin to teach people not to get fooled by their own perception: “Skin comes in different colors and sizes – but it’s nothing but an outer shell”.

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