RUTH WAYTZ on Justice Howard’s “Fierce as F#%k” Radio Hour

You are in for a treat this Thursday, March 8th  2018, as your “Fierce as F#%k ” Radio host

Justice Howard

welcomes Ruth Waytz to

alleviate and elevate your mind to the ideological and philosophical beliefs based on Satan

withan intimate and exclusive interview  the

esoteric Magistra herself.



What do you think when you hear the practice of satanism? Do you think making deals with the devil? Sorcery? Something evil, adversary, not humane?

Debunk the many accusations over the centuries and come to a positive use of the term “Satanist” as a designation, an emphasis on individualism, a genealogy that connects them to other Satanic groups, a transgressive and antinomian stance, a self-perception as an elite, and an embrace of values such as pride, self-reliance, and productive non-conformity.

Many people are attracted to Satanism’s philosophy and empowerment. Open your mind and explore humanity’s natural instincts with Ruth Waytz.

As a high-ranking member of the  Church of Satan, Ruth Waytz has appeared in many publications and interviews on the subject of Satanism. She will share her life and work in a discussion you will not want to miss.

Listen in as Justice Howard takes you into the darkest corners of your mind , where you will find a little of the beast within yourself.

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