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Rebel Witch Show…Sunday at 2pm….This week we have the Infamous Q-5!!!!!!

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This band is in my top favorites!!! I love their true grit Rock and Roll spirit…They were one of the funnest interviews I have ever done…and they gave us the biggest compliment….Out of all myriad interviews they have done around the globe, they said we were the funnest we ever did!!! Well they were soooo easy to interview, super stars rock, but they felt like family!!!! All you that know me, KNOW it’s all about the fun and supporting the music scene….They are Kings in my eyes…….lots of laughter and reminiscing about the good old days…..and  more about current and future events…

You can find them on facebook, twitter, reverb nation and more….



Q5 got started in 1983. It functioned as a kind of super star of sorts by mixing together members of two popular Seattle  bands of the time.

Frontman Jonathan K and guitarist Floyd D Rose from “C.O.R.E.”  joined up with guitarist Rick Pierce, bassist Evan Sheeley, and drummer Gary Thompson from “TKO”. Their first studio album, 1984’s Steel the Light, was a smashing hit and still is!!!! Q5  manifested the signing on with the the infamous Polygram label for their 1985 sophomore release, When The Mirror Cracks, but the writing was already on the wall. Personal differences ripped the group apart not long after said release.

The band has featured a unique rock sound incorporating heavy metal influences, with its songs being covered by the likes of Great White and Wolf. Ex-member Floyd Rose himself is also well known as a guitar tremolo system inventor

Current line-up

  • Jonathan Scott K. – lead vocals
  • Rick Pierce – guitar
  • Dennis Turner – guitar
  • Evan Sheeley – bass
  • Jeffrey A. McCormack – drums

Former members

  • Floyd D Rose – guitar
  • Gary Thompson – drums



  • 1984 – Steel the Light (Albatross Productions)
  • 1985 – When the Mirror Cracks (Polygram)
  • 2016 – New World Order (Frontier Records)


  • 1983 – Demo
  • 1984 – Demo 1984


  • 1985 – Steel the Light
  • 1986 – Living on the Borderline
  • 2016 – The Right Way 


The Renagade  Rebel Witch, join in every Sunday at 2pm on, enjoy the banter of myself and co-host One sultry Dana…..Thank you Q 5….Looooove you guys!!!!!!!