The Dark Mark Punk Rock XMAS Special “LIVE”

Written by on December 13, 2019

Welcome to the Studio as We got the Blue Tarps up “AGAIN” as the XXX-Mas cheer goes Wet n Wild,

Eric Leach and Phil George

from the punk band Symbol Six

Special guest Santa Claus

Mark and Josi’s guests are

The Bad Santa and Wonder Lust Elfs from Misfit Island,

It’s the Special Holiday Episode.

Image result for Symbol Six"Eric and Phil talked about founding their band when they were in Junior High inspired by the legendary early 1980s Los Angeles punk scene, how Izzy Stradlin of Guns N Roses was their roadie for free, how women sometimes cause the most violence at shows, how living with Kim Fowley for 6 months can change someone’s life and how hearing your song on Rodney on the ROQ can transform an insecure teenager into a virtual Mick Jagger, and previewed their upcoming 2014 album Dirtyland. Josi was very surprised by the mystery guest, Santa Claus himself! Santa gave his opinion on who was his favorite singer of Black Flag, and how Santa has no tolerance for racists and bigots and is all things to all people.

Santa found room on his lap for Josi Kat and Skidrow Studios producer Jeremy and found they were both nice this year so he gave them presents and candy, but you know Josi and her naughty side…Image result for bad santa with sexy girls on his lap"

She couldn’t resist Spanking Santa Claus,

“who returned the favor as well”

Image result for Symbol Six"


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