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The World of the RenAgade Calendar Girls {RCG} ~Global Chapters~

Written by on January 1, 2020

Welcome to the World of:

The RenAgade Calendar Girls

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The Girls of RenAgade

RenAgade Calendar Girls are an International Multi Media Promotion Company,

Our Worldwide Fanbase Active Network of Over 80+ Million Follower Globally

The {RCG} logo (RenAgade Calendar Girls) is Reputable Brand Name. RCG’s have a Renowned Brand & Media Networks; an untapped demographic,

as well as a mission to encourage a Lifestyle. Our purpose is to create a reputable brand through the RenAgade Girls logo,

promote Outside of the Box Pictures, and professionally represent ourselves as Network Brand Ambassadors and Influencers. for Sponsors, Events, & Venues.

If hired for our services, we start a Campaigns for the Events/Shows through RenAgade Branding within our Social Media Networks.

Our company has been hired to work in:

National TV/Radio Stations, Beer Companies, Clothing Lines, Car Companies, Trade Shows along with Hosting Events while representing the RCG name around the Globe.

Part of being an RCG is to Promote& Draw in a crowd for an event hosted by a Sponsors.

Promotions help generate paid gigs for all of the RCG while Representing Our Sponsors.
~RenAgade Calendar Girls~

Are core team of badass, sexy, fun girls who are Fearless Influencers and trend setters

RenAgades help define what exactly is “Mainstream”. Our mission is to fiercely promote a Lifestyle and to capitalize the art of Beauty & Brains in Women Worldwide,

while Implementing & Dominating the Media Networks One Picture at a Time. RenAgade Calendar Girls have Global Chapters with a growing fan base of over 67+million Fans

Among an expanding amount of members of over 7,500 Renagade Calendar Girls Globally, Working within the Multimedia Networks, under the RCG Brand Name.

Renagade Calendar Girls run and operate International & National Chapters Appearing & Promoting Events and Sponsored Venues.

The {RCG} promo teams & chapters range in styles and provide results and increased sales for our clients through our RCG’s Brand Ambassadors,

Our Promotional Multimedia Networks and Markets, Our goal is to market our Clients, Create a Reputable brand name, while promoting a way of life.

The RenAgade Calendar Girls are Network Brand Ambassadors that get results!!

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