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Written by on October 12, 2016

If you’re Northwest music enthusiast or fan of punk rock like me you will not want to miss this beautiful split 7 inch. My copy comes courtesy of army green vinyl. Keeping in the Northwest tradition it was even recorded and mastered here. Most of you cannot tell the subtle differences of a well mastered record. I’ve got to give it to mastering engineer Levi Seitz. This is how I want my 7 inch records to sound.

I have been A fan of the Stereo Creeps for sometime. Their track, “Choose Your Weapon” is a brilliant concoction of a mix between modern day punk with an odd hint of 80s new wave. I love the originality. I want more. Their weapon is clearly their music. Rock on or get the fuck out of their way!

On the flipside is Northwest legends the GreenRiver Thrllers and they’re coming at you in rare form. “Body Parts,” also reminds me of an early 80s sound, but not a common one like New Wave. More of the obscure and original sounds that were coming out on two former (and both still in existence I should add,) local record companies. It has hints of the Green Monkey Records sound of old, once a Seattle label that’s now based out of Olympia, and the other label is coincidentally Olympia’s pride and joy, K Records. They are definitely in line with the classic Northwest alternative sound, but add a horror aspect with a little bit of humor, as their name the GreenRiver Thrillers suggests.

This is a double score! ?

It is available through Action Music Distribution and/or at either bands Bandkamp sites.

David PIG Portnow

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