Paranormal Investigator : Chris George This Week On Justice Howard’s “Fierce As F#%k” Radio Hour

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This Thursday, June  7th @ 9 pm Pdt

The Bone Chilling Paranormal Investigator, Chris George will be making a ghostly debut you won’t want to miss.

Are you interested in what lies after death?  Have you had Ghostly encounters that need explaining?

Listen into Chris George PPA ,Founder of the Anubis Paranormal Research Organization, as he shares a scientific approach to the paranormal in an intriguing conversation with Justice Howard.

Christopher George, whom is the founder of Anubis Paranormal Research Organization (APRO), holds credentials in Parapsychology and Alternative History.  Mr. George is a renowned parapsychologist who studied at one of Southern California’s prestigious colleges in their Parapsychology Laboratory from 1979 through 1982 as a research associate.  During his three-decade career, Mr. George has investigated more than 2,500 cases of ghosts,  haunting’s, poltergeists and conducted extensive studies in haunting’s, cryptozoology and the “UFO phenomenon”. Mr. George has also taught paranormal studies to students at Hodges University in South Florida where he has shared many facets of the scientific approach to the paranormal.

Mr. George’s primary career has been in the role of a Park Ranger. His experience in law enforcement, historical identification and research, has helped him to explore both the physical world and the paranormal world working hand-in-hand.

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