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OneHype – Pro Complete Skateboard Demon Samurai, 31″ x 8 inch Maple Wood Deck, Black Aluminum Trucks, ABEC 7 Bearings

Written by on October 6, 2017

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The OneHype Style

OneHype Designer Street Skater Skateboard is a premium crafted masterpiece with professional high performance and long lasting skateboard.

Being a OneHype skateboard it is made to perfection with 7 layers of maple wood making it extremely flexible and durable upon impact and easily gives you the support and flex you needed in busting some tricks out in the street.
The skateboard comes with an extreme grip tape which means it is slip resistance. This grip tape makes your tricks much more available for you to flip your board mid-air or easily land your trick.
Our 52mm x 36mm skateboard wheels are the perfect shape in getting the most contact with the floor out of the wheels making you able to be sturdier, stable for trick riding, and great use for skate parks.
Using all aluminum trucks on the skateboard makes it much lighter and more resistant to damage when impacted.
It also comes with our polyurethane riser pad making you slightly more raised up while also providing sturdiness and stability when riding and tricking.


– OneHype Designed 31″ x 8″ Double Kick Tail Skateboard Deck
– Black EXTREME Anti-Slip Grip Tape applied for maximum grip
– 7 Layers of High Quality Maple Wood crafted into a deck
– 5″ Heavy Duty Aluminum Trucks great for beginners and intermediate skaters
– 52mm x 36mm White Skateboard Wheels perfect for skate parks and tricks
– ABEC-7 bearings for an ultra smooth ride with comfort

UNIQUE DESIGNER GRAPHICS — Each board has its own unique design that covers the whole board, using heat transfer to print on the board, not a sticker. Standard size 8 inches wide and 31 inches long with Double Kicktail
COMPLETE & READY TO RIDE — The skateboard comes fully assembled with 7 ply maple wooden deck with colored bushings, tough wheels, ultra smooth bearings, all aluminum metal trucks, and shock pads
PROFESSIONAL BUILT FOR MAX TRICKS — The board is an 7 ply maple deck which is able to withstand heavy twist and sudden impacts. This allows it to be able to carry more weight, to ensure that it is able to withstand weight and high amounts of force on it
EASY FOR EVERYONE — Anybody with all ages can ride this skateboard with ease, whether you are big or small, experienced or new, anyone is able to ride this board, and perform your skateboarding tricks with ease
STRONG GRIP TAPE — Comes with a slip-resistant black extremely tough grip tape and will give you maximum hold to perform tricks


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