Not Everybody Likes Us “BuT” they always Drink Our Wine

“Simple as that, have a good time,”

Image result for Hank III & the Damn Band - Roseland Theater - Portland, Oregon 2011

Uttered Hank III and that’s all it took,

The show was on. The outlaw himself,  Hank III, would once again pack the Roseland Theater in Portland, Oregon for another memorable night of boot-slamming fun.

It was a Sunday night but nobody seemed to care because when Outlaws and Punks get together with Hank III in town every night is a party night.

Fresh off his brand new Brothers of the 4×4 and A Fiendish Threat , both albums released October 1st through Hank3 records, made this a must see tour knowing Hank III and

The Damn Band would bring it.

Urb Thrasher Flower Hour 4:20