MaryHill WindWalk 2017

Written by on September 5, 2017

Labor day weekend is the mark of the end of summer and for many it is a public holiday  celebrated by many in the US that lands on the first Monday of September. It honors the movement of American Labor and the contributions that  we as workers have made to the strength, prosperity, laws and well-being of the country.  It is a Great time to kick off those work shoes and enjoy great American Past times, Good Old Country Road trips, Rock and roll, Beer, River Floats, and Friends. This year RenAgade took a trip up to Eastern WA to Participate in the  Maryhill Windwalk. The event is an annual music and gravity sports festival located in and around Goldendale,Washington . Contestants fly from all over the world, from over seas, From Brazil, Australia, Puerto Rico, &  California just to race down the 1.8 mile long road down hill to experience the thrill for a chance to take home Time and speed records and placement trophies. And Just hours from millions by car, Maryhill Windwalk is a premiere destination for live music, camping, racing, and extreme sports enthusiasts.

For those new to the sport, Street luge and downhill skateboarding are two different mediums of gravity sports racing designed around the same lean-to-steer principles. The key differences include the riding position, wheel count, top speed and cornering abilities. Street luge is raced in the supine position,feet first. Downhill skateboarding is raced while standing in a tucked position . Street luges may wield four to eight wheels while skateboards are limited to four. Instraights, street luges travels at significantly higher speeds than a skateboard due to a low profile creating minimal wind resistance. However, skateboard racers have increased agility through turns due to their ability to offset their weight. This allows the skateboarders to take tighter racing lines when aiming for the perfect apex compare to luge.  Street luges are most commonly fabricated from metal while the vast majority of skateboards
remain constructed with pressed wood. Both sports were founded in the 1970s, evolving from wreckless endangerment to a highly controlled racing apparatus when piloted by the world’s best gravity sports
athletes and is Exciting to watch.

It Being a Holiday Renagade Kicked Back and Enjoyed The heat with the best of them, grabbing autographs , photos of all the excitement and watched the Displayed race on a giant JumboTron where spectators could watch from the finish line listening to the announcers dictate the race.

The Live streamed racing program was also available  for all motorsports and extreme sports viewers at home is  online and if you missed it they will release edited segments  including and highlighting professional and semi-professional athletes along with musical performances on youtube.


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