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Many of us in the rave scene can credit Afrojack for being one of the first artists to have inspired us to fall in love with electronic dance music. Having been one of the first DJs to go mainstream, he has been heard around the world by millions of people. Afrojack is one of the reasons why a lot of us were able to discover this amazing genre of music.

Not only is Afrojack an incredible DJ, he also produces his own music. He has an incredible ability to create music that spans across multiple genres like EDM, pop and even rap. This unique skill set has allowed him to help bring awareness of the EDM scene to listeners that may not have ever known it existed.

One prime example of his ability to keep fans on their toes had occurred at Ultra Music Festival on Sunday night. Festival goers from all over the world excitedly danced and raved to Afrojack’s main stage set. The crowd was at fever pitch and it was set to be an incredible night.

Afrojack is always full of surprises.

But Afrojack had a surprise in store for his fans. Emerging mid-set was surprise artists Rae Sremmurd and pop singer Stanaj walked onto the stage to perform their newest release with Afrojack, ’Sober‘. Rae entered with undeniable swagger, and Stanaj belted out the chorus alongside a crowd of thousands.

This is the first-time the three artists were able to perform the song live together, and it is certain to be marked an unforgettable experience at this year’s Ultra Music Festival, which pulls crowds of over 160,000 each year.

Before this amazing event took place, I was able to sit down with Afrojack and talk to him about the dance music scene, how he came to be what he is now and what he has in store for us in the future. The interview is available on YouTube. 

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