House Of Broken Promises

Written by on February 18, 2019

HOUSE OF BROKEN PROMISES is an Indio, CA-based desert-stoner rock/metal band consisting of guitarist Arthur Seay (Unida, ApeSh!t), bassist/vocalist Joe Mora (HDR, Street Drugs DTLA, The Adicts) and drummer Mike Cancino (Unida, Lynch Mob). Formed from the ashes of UNIDA (which also featured John Garcia of KYUSS fame), HOUSE OF BROKEN PROMISES is a pure shot of classic hard rock, stoner rock, and metal. With their Small Stone Records debut “Using the Useless” this trio lead the charge in a more refined stoner metal approach than the standard stoner rock sound of similar scene bands. Now recently signed to Eternal Sound Records, The world awaits their second release “The New Dystopia”.

HOUSE OF BROKEN PROMISES incorporates bombastic drum beats with guttural vocals and tuned-down guitars. Also composing songs dealing with social instability, political corruption, the dangers of drug abuse and apocalyptic prophecies. Now with two tours of Europe under their belt, that contained performances at Hellfest 2014 and DesertFest Berlin 2013 and DesertFest London 2013, they are about to embark on their third starting with DesertFest Athens 2016 Let it be known that HOUSE OF BROKEN PROMISES is the definition of a hard rock power trio.





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