Hollywood hyphenate extraordinaire Joycelyne Lew joined Mark and Nicole for the first DMS of 2022

Written by on January 14, 2022

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 Joycelyne Lew,  is an actress/voiceover artist/model/comedian/host/YouTuber/makeup artist/magician/body part model/hairstylist/cook and has so many more talents.

Joycelyne Lew

She tells stories about her extensive show business career and working with everybody from Yul Brenner, Danny Thomas, Jackie Chan, David Carradine, The Golden Girls, Kris Kristofferson, Angelyne, The Jeffersons, Tommy Weisau, Andy Dick, Richard Tyson, James Hong, Bo Derek as well as what it is like to poke the Pillsbury doughboy, From being Kim Basinger’s legs, doing a voice on the Rambo cartoon series and so much more including how she got her father a role in Pineapple Express and  her upcoming film Amityville Uprising…

Listen in LIVE Friday,

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