Ghosts of the Pacific

Written by on February 19, 2018

We Must say, If anything this band brings back a certain nostalgia rocking on stage. As the densely packed crowd stood in ovation , I couldn’t help but think that the Ghosts of the Pacific really  has what it takes to draw you into their world.  The alternative rock band has quite the ensemble, a five member band including :Josh Williams (vocals), Sean Kebely (guitar), David Kebely(keys), Michael Ball (drums), & Tom Evans being their newest addition on (bass). Their act has really come together  nicely since their first performance, which happened to be their attempt to try-out  to perform on stage at the world renowned Hempfest in Seattle, Wa. We just so happened to have met them then as well, so we called it our one year anniversary update. They have really started  to grow in the past few  months  with their videos expanding on their youtube channel with a few recorded performances, interviews, and Music videos.  The music videos are especially captivating as they are being  created into a 3 part story. Their Newest release being “New Forgotten”, has that rich diverse sound we all crave for in a Rock Band. I feel as though that the Ghosts Of The Pacific are right up there with some of our favorite bands such as AudioSlave and  U2.  We could expect to enjoy a lot more from this up and coming band.  They took the time to Share more with us at Renagaderadio.com Take a look.



Visit their youtube channal for their music videos





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