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Friday Night Lights

Written by on November 14, 2021

Last month I had the opportunity to attend an amazing show at the Leica Gallery. It was called Friday Night Lights and featured the work of photographer Robert Clark and fellow photographer and NFL star Romero Okwara.

The room was full of warm familiar faces and some amazing concoction called “Licor 43” in tiny beer mugs and on the rocks.

However, I am getting ahead of myself.

All around me in incredible black and white were framed photographs by Clark and Okwara. I could barely contain my excitement at seeing this enchanted back door look into the NFL over the years.

Every event I had attended at Leica had enthralled me and Friday Night Lights was no different. Eagerly I went from photo to photo drinking in the history of such amazing players. After I went out onto the patio to join my friends and try the Spanish import “Licor 43”. It was delicious and I knew then it would be something I would delight in for holidays to come.

After I went and talked to Robert Clark who was full of stories about each piece. Delightful stories that made me look at each piece in a new light.

That Friday was incredible and I knew I would be attending shows at the Leica Gallery every month for years to come. My friend Kelly came to join and we reveled in the handsome sportsmanship and delicious Spanish drinks the whole night until it was closing time.

All in all a Friday night well spent.

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