Freakshow Party

Written by on July 23, 2021

I arrived at Carl Crew’s “California Institute of Abnormal Arts” early that night. I had a long list of friends performing and wanted to see them all.

The club looks like something shady out of the orient brought to life here in North Hollywood and even says “Chinatown” on the building. Inside are mysterious delights of oriental decadence ready to awe the patron into the promise of the strange and bizarre.

This night the theme was “A Mad Hare’s Tea Party” and the part of both Alice and the Red Queen was played by my friend Lilian Mortis. A local Scream Queen and wife of the main act Mortis, the Devil’s Reject. The duo was a match made straight outta hell and this evening was their diabolical progeny ready to breathe dark life into a wanton world.

Lilian started the show in a straight jacket and a sexy Alice outfit as a delusional mental patient who believed in the mysterious things breaking through that night to our side of the looking glass.

Bands played, including my friends in the Black Heroin Gallery and later on that night Mortis himself took the stage, bloodying his feet raw as he walked on broken glass before a awed crowd.

There were Vikings and Burlesque, sword swallowers and fire breathers. Even Dark Mark himself took the stage with a successful set despite being interrupted by a side show freakshow of a dom and submissive lesbian couple making out for all to see.

I had taken some Renagade CBD edibles with my dear friend Erica Electra to celebrate her successful new music video “Island Magic”. Erica had just come fresh from a vampire shoot for her next video and was even more goth that night than me.

High on edibles and kush the whole night was a magic wonder ride to the strange and unusual.

An incredible trip with incredible humans that I can’t wait to take again. Somewhere in a fucked up Wonderland.

Nicole Sixx
Renagade Radio

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