Emo Party

Written by on August 6, 2021

So for years now I have been friends with this very successful actor/DJ Talon Reid. Talon is friends with everyone, rappers, rock bands, and famous actors you can often seen him photographed with at red carpet events.

Naturally when I heard he was starting a bi-weekly DJ event on the infamous Melrose Ave in LA I just had to attend.

There were very liberal shots of tequila and tons of White Claw as they are Talons sponsor but there were vodka drinks and whiskey drinks as well as beer. The room was lit with lasers and had a stage for live music and a tall, proud DJ booth.

Feeling good from the right combination of tequila and Renagade CBD products I popped up to see my friend Talon and then immediately joined my girls on the dance floor to get down.

We danced all night to all our nostalgic hits from the early 2000s, many of which were bands Talon toured with.

Briefly dancing was paused and we were seated on stage in the VIP section while Talon’s friends jumped up on stage and performed a little live rock for us all.

Truly it was the best music fix for my girls in a long time and I had a blast. Can’t wait to attend again next week. In the meantime every time I see White Claw I smile.

Nicole Sixx
Renagade Radio

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