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Tonight on the Dark Mark Show: Danielle Graves who is known as The Living Gothic Doll.

Written by on May 26, 2023


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    Tonight on the Dark Mark Show: Danielle Graves who is known as The Living Gothic Doll. Dark Mark Show


Mark and Nicole celebrated World Goth Day by chatting with Danielle Graves who is known as The Living Gothic Doll.

Of course the conversation started with Nicole and Danielle talking about their cats and progressed with Danielle talking about the awful bullying she endured, which led to her being home schooled and winning beauty pageants and modeling as a teenager. She eventually found the goth aesthetic through her love of Industrial and numetal kings Korn and Static X and wanting to strive for perfection by becoming a living doll. She describes her 8 hour ritual of skin care, bleaching, exercise, witchcraft and subliminal messaging which has led to her in her own words being “100% perfect” with an 18 waist and a beauty that has led to her being featured in movies, magazines and has led to a huge social media following and paparazzi following her around.

Mark and Nicole told her to ignore the haters as she describes some recent cyber bullying and concentrate on her burgeoning career and skin care line which proudly features a product called “White and Tight”


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