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“Diary of a Hitman” Part 2  On Justice Howard’s “Fierce As F#%k” Radio Hour this Thursday, April 26th, 2018 @ 9 pm PDT  Hear all about the murder and mayhem behind being an Independently contracted hitman as   Fuego emerges once again to tell his captivating tales of near death encounters and behind the scene stories of […]

“The Robot Episode” Spud contemplates a society dominated by robots and artificial intelligence. Will there be room on earth for those somewhat devoid of natural smarts too? That is the question that torments him and many others. Featuring Emmy Award Winning Actor/Author Louie Anderson, “Hey Mom”, Baskets, Life with Louie. Comedian Tom Green, MMA/UFC Champion […]

This songstress has came along way since her days singing in a choir.After proving her strength in the military she wanted to pursue her passion for creating music. Her vibe is soulful, relaxing, and well balanced. Creating out of her home studio is where all the magic happens. Her voice isn’t her only attribute, she […]

This week Mark and special Guest Co-host Nicole Sixx Friday at: 9pm sharp the Ride Begins  “The Cool Moms of Comedy” Susan Saiger and Jennifer Valley to the lighter side of the dark side Susan has some interesting fans from playing Doris the Dominatrix in the 1980s cult film Eating Raoul, she shared stories about […]

Warning! There may be language used in this Slaughter Film Episode #300 Threads & Chernobyl Diaries  that is not Suitable for all Listeners. Like an early ’60s b-movie Slaughter Film has grown to an unimaginable and monstrous size – reaching episode 300 – with the help from nuclear radiation! The Horror Duo have planned to […]

This week  on Justice Howard’s ” Fierce as Fuck” Radio Hour. SCARY GUY Thursday, March 15th 2018 @ 9PM PST Justice Howard  is pulling in Scary Guy for an exclusive one on one interview on With an intimidating bad guy look of  being covered in tattoos and piercings , you might profile Scary Guy […]

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