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Pig Records eccentric frontman

David Ulysses Portnow, a/k/a PIG.

Mr. Pig has produced over 500 records in his mere time on this planet. A mere sampling can be viewed at

His Weekly Guest co-host Enabling the Pig Radio Hour to become two virtual hours of vinyl, historical information, political, social and economic issues; and samplings of some of the more interesting things in life such as the world’s largest collection of Television Lamps.

Submissions to the show can be sent or to PIG RECORDS, P.O.Box 13536, De Moines, WA 98198.

We play vinyl and CD’s and discuss the exciting. Pig can be reached at or via phone (206) 618 – 8711. Facebook under David Portnow.

We are always looking for more sponsors, fans, music to play, and life’s fascinations to present.

Cheers to your foetus! Oink-oink, buzz-buzz.

We love you all, especially the enemy. (

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