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Up ALL-NiTe with Charlie Renagade 8pm

So You wanna Play DJ on the RADIO,

Well OK

My name is CHARLIE RENAGADE and I have been left here to push this Red & Green button as to make sure the Music keep’s playing,

So Listen in as I take on the Airwaves with Just about any kind of Music, Live yes They showed me how to Talk on the Radio Mic [snicker snicker ]

I make funny noises like Fart’s and Buzzy sounds as well as Sing out of Tune

Why You ask did the Managers give me Control… Good Question,

Well never the Less Im doing it and Wow what Fun..

Call in for a Request and Ill see if I can Stump you with the same song but someone else singing it….

Welcome to my Part Time Job,

PS Don’t Call the Owners number  (505) 503-4455 <–<< Yeah go ahead call, tell Them How Good I’m doing

Renagade Radio Up All-Nite Weekdays 8pm Live

Renagade Radio Up All-Nite Weekdays 8pm Live

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