Mr. Stout aka Dj Skeembeatzradio

it all started off many years ago when Hiphop was fresh and new . I
started with two technique turntables a dual cassette player and a microphone . I didn’t choose music it
chose me . As I started to become better in writing i started to Mcee to the beats me and my crew was
making . As the years went on I became an audio engineer and mix and produced for many different
styles of artist from pop to rock to Hiphop soul R&B classical country and audio video . I’ve interned at
studios like Stone studios , The Jamroom , Daddy’s House Mtv studios and Def jam as a subsidiary
producer . I’ve also worked with Vh1 and Bet for production and artist interviews .

I’ve work in radio for Internet stations for over ten years with and now

I’m currently working on air with:

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