The Renagade Rebel Witch Show

The Renagade Rebel Witch Show

   In the Sultry 2pm heat of the sabbath day, deep in the underground lair know as M&D Studios in Kent WA, Roxanne the Renagade Rebel Witch and One Sultry Dana conduct their not so secret ritual known as INTERVIEWING the modern demi gods of music and metaphysics.

   With past musical guests Roger Fisher (of Heart), Kaedyn Kashmir, and Great White; past Metaphysical guests Brian Ridgeway, Marilyn Harper (Adironnda), and Kelly O’dell (Norse Gods)… Roxanne and Dana ride the rocket to the secrets of successes in music, mythology, and magic. Roxanne’s deep experience with everything whodoo hippie dippie magical, and Dana’s indigo engineering antagonistic backtalk, is delightfully entertaining comedic interaction that will have you soiling your shorts to a eclectic mix of chanting monks, pineal tones, classic rock tunes, and emerging local artists.

Be sure to catch the powerful and unique self evolution experience during each show, as well as news about upcoming music and metaphysical events around the globe.


Live in MnD Studio 1/22/2017

2pm Sunday

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