Ramblings if the Mad Catter 9pm

Z.P. Gowdy grew up in a particularly rainy stretch of the Northlands,

than went even further North to study theater in the icy wastes.

Having grown weary of rain and frigid winters, he made his way to the warm Southern lands of the Pacific Northwest, which, contrary to their inhabitants claims, were practically a sunny tropical paradise by comparison.

Even if the summer season (of which he was not aware existed before), occasionally caused him to melt. While studying theater,

he came to the realization that while he did indeed enjoy acting, what he truly loved was telling stories, and while it took him some time, he finally made a deal with a spirit of chaos,

known as The Mad Catter (or Mr. Whiskers, depending on his mood),

that had a similar fondness for storytelling, or maybe he just went mad and imagined it all.

Either way, that is how the Twisted Teatime podcast, came into being.

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