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PIG Radio Hour “LIVE” in Studio

Billboard award winning radio #16 2016 [Web Streaming] RenAgade Radio, launched its first episode of the Pig Radio Hour(s) on September 7th, 2016 in its entirety, a phrase that is a running gag on the show.

Hosted by David Ulysses Portnow a/k/a Pig from the infamous alternative record label PIG Records. ( The radio show is co-hosted by legendary Seattle studio musician and Producer Lux Lee. On air David is known as the impoverished and bitter Pig, whose life sucks. Mr. Lee, on the other hand is nicknamed Lux for the Luxurious lifestyle he leads. The show is recorded at Lux’s million dollar studio and he resides in a million dollar lakefront home. Poor Pig lives in the pen, but they still manage to get together one day a week for social commentary, interviews, educational tidbits, the history of punk, vinyl conversations, and three little minutes with the Big Bad Wolf Kid of the day.

David has owned two prior record labels, Subcore Records in the 1980’s and Ever Rat Records in the 1990’s.

Subcore introduced the world to the likes of the Accused, Dehumanizers, GG Allin, State of Confusion, Slam from Sweden and High Circle from Italy. Ever Rat had hundreds of releases, most notably Dehumanizers, Mace, the Mentors, Coven, El Duce, Just Say Yes, LSD ReXxx, etc.

After tremendous success, both of his aforementioned labels were the victims of Distributor bankruptcies which eventually led to their demise. It is rumored that David has been bitter ever since and changed his name to Pig in protest.

Luxury Audio opened its door seventeen years ago. However, its primary purpose has been to record the songs Lee Conley writes. The studio is owned by Pig’s boastful co-host Luxury Lee, otherwise known as Lux. Lux has been writing and recording songs since the 1980’s. He has produced several Dehumanizers records, and recordings by the Seamonsters, Dance Dance, Luxury Escape, Dig, Chase and Trinity, and countless others. A master of most instruments, he’s a well known studio musician. Rated as one of the Northwests top engineers, Lux has the ability to pursue his musical interests without fear of earnings. A few successful investments in the nineties put him on top of the curve.

After nearly a decade off, David Portnow returned to create PIG Records. He overcame his reluctance after weeks of being pestered by the legendary front man of Potbelly, (Jason Potbelly,) and the return to the stage of the Dehumanizers.

The label was originally established solely for the purpose of releasing Potbelly and Dehumanizers records and putting out an annual 7 inch collectors compilation called Shut The Fuck Up & Listen, Pig’s brutal message to the government. Seven volumes of the compilation are now available and include such legendary bands as DI, Jello Biafra, The Misfits, The Freeze, Dwarves, DOA, Koffin Kats, Antiseen, Pamela Des Barres, etc.

“My goal with PIG is to release all forms musical creations. I credit Alternative Tentacles, Mystic Records, and the David Geffen Company as the direct influences behind the PIG label. Jesse and Jello at Alternative Tentacles have always done everything right on an independent scale. Schooled by his mentor, Ron Goudie, David has decided to take PIG to the grave with him. “Only two things will stop me from operating PIG, prison or death.”

As an avid protestor in these troubled times, incarceration is always a possibility, but he proceeds without fear knowing Lux will always be there to bail him out.

Charlie RenAgade somehow hooked these two opposing bozos to work together. Lux states “Neither Pig nor I have ever met the gentlemen. He seems very sincere, but operates in a similar fashion to Charlie from Charlie’s Angels. He’s very secretive. I don’t know why the hell he set me up with Pig. I hate the man. Out of all the bastards in the world, he selected the worst one to host the show I produce.”

PIG, a disgruntled RenAgade employee wishing he had never signed the contract insists that after only a few episodes that he hates co-host Lux Lee, wants out of his contract, and despite being non-violent claims “The day I meet Charles RenAgade, I’m going to kill that s.o.b. with a chainsaw Scarface style.

Let’s see how the first season goes. The radio show features a programming format of intimate interviews, anecdotes, and a rotating playlist designed to bring hard-core punk to a broader audience. LET’s DO IT? piggy style!

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