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Brittany Wilson of The Dungeon Store and Split Peaches

Written by on April 25, 2023

Brittany Wilson of The Dungeon Store

Split Peaches Guests on Dark Mark Show

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Brittany Wilson, Brand Manager of The Dungeon Store and Split Peaches was recently a special guest on The Dark Mark Show, a subculture and comedy podcast.

The Dark Mark Show is hosted by Dark Mark, a Gothic comedian known for his stand up across Hollywood and Los Angeles. Kinky actress and comedian Jamie Gendron joined in as co-host for the evening.

Wilson spoke about working pleasure products business, her passion about educating the public about kink and sexual health, and the products she works with.

Wilson gleefully mentioned how The Dungeon Store acquired Split Peaches pleasure products in 2020. “It was a pandemic addition to our business. While everyone spent the pandemic learning to do their own sourdough starter, I learned how to make body safe dildoes! The goal of the greater line is whimsy. Make it rainbow, make it fun, make it cute.”

“The smalls, are what most places would call ‘medium’… ” Wilson accented with a teeny voice. “Our mediums are what most people would look at and say ‘LARGE!’ And our large sizes are extra large. It’s really a better perspective on the size… The density of the silicone also makes a huge difference in terms of how it feels So if you have it in our softest, super squish density, even with huge ridges, it’s not going to feel as ‘ridgey’ as compared to something more dense and firm.”

Wilson and Gendron educated Dark Mark on the basics of violet wands, a specialty at The Dungeon Store.

“It shocks you in the right places.” Gendron explained. “I had a boyfriend who introduced me to that. He definitely made a fan out of me.”

“You have the device, it plugs into the wall, and you have different attachments in the end of the device,” Wilson instructed. “So most of the things you’re looking at are attachments that plug into the device itself… I can’t think of another fetish item, dildo, toy, that is as versatile as a violet wand is. You can use a body contact cable, which allows you to become the conductor, at which point, you can use your hands to shock your partner. You can use your tongue…from the tip of your nose to the tips of your toes, you can just be electrified… they’re a really sensual toy!”

When Mark asked about items for beginners, Wilson recommended the vegan friendly, Bedroom Bondage Kit from The Dungeon Store.

“That’s the beginning of restraints and impact and that begins to cover a good, ” she suggested.

The episode is now available on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thgGB4u4Uso on AudioBoom at https://audioboom.com/posts/7889967-brittney-wilson-of-the-dungeon-store-and-split-peaches and will soon be available on www.RenagadeRadio.com, as well as and iHeartRadio.

Go to www.TheDungeonStore.com and www.SplitPeaches.com to check out products mentioned on the show and more.

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