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Bloody Mary Joins Justice Howard’s “Fierce As Fuck” Radio Hour LIVE 5/31 @ 9 pm PDT

Written by on May 28, 2018


   The Voodoo Queen : Bloody Mary


New Orleans

takes you further into the dark unknown world of the paranormal with

Renagade Radio  

This Thursday May 31st @ 9 pm

on the

Justice Howard’s ” Fierce as Fuck” Radio Hour.


Bloody Mary is an 11th generation Creole and Voodoo Queen in New Orleans Voodoo tradition and Mambo Asogwe in Haitian Voodoo. She performs many rituals that entrance individuals with invocations, storytelling, ritual gestures,and the power of  herbs to help charge the sacred ve-ve and call spirits near. Bloody Mary is an avowed priestess, psychic medium, a healer, celebrity historian, and author. She shares her knowledge and respect of the ancestors by teaching the importance of redeeming our past in lectures and through her writings. Bloody Mary curates an internationally acclaimed haunted museum and voodoo pharmacy spirit shop in the French Quarter, on top of  owning her own Avant-garde Boutique Tour Company that will take you around the New Orleans Cemeteries, Voodoo, Ghost, &  Supernatural City sites.

Justice Howard and The Voodoo Queen Bloody Mary come together to share a forbidden and misunderstood subject of voodoo in their  anticipated collaboration , Voodoo:Conjure and Sacrifice. The Masterpiece is a collection of people and spirits captured by photographer Justice Howard including insightful information of voodoo written by Bloody Mary. 


Listen in LIVE as these two fearlessly tell all the juicy details while uncovering the facts and history of voodoo.

Read more about the Queen of Voodoo on http://bloodymarystours.com/biography-html/


pick up a copy of Voodoo:Conjure and Sacrifice at www.JusticeHoward.com





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