Betty Childs in Revenge of the Nerds”LIVE” tonight 9pm Listen in and here about the PIE’s and Panty Raid

Written by on May 24, 2019

The Dark Mark Show got in touch with its inner nerd

Mark and Hannah
welcomed Julia Montgomery who played Betty Childs in Revenge of the Nerds
and actor/cosplayer Brett Gustafson to the lighter side of the dark side.

Julia recounted growing up in New Jersey where she was a teenage model and
acted in high school alongside classmate Jason Alexander quite a bit.

She made some forgetful films before her big break in Revenge of the Nerds.

She talked all about auditioning for the movie, the chaotic and sexually
charged atmosphere on the set,

How director Jeff Kanew’s encouragement of improvisation made

the movie the classic  that it is today,

Some Surprising Tension with Robert Carradine and really surprising revelations about

Sylvester Stallone


She also tackles the movie’s sketchy morality in today’s time,

Revenge of the Nerds Cult Classic

what 80s conventions are like, the Nerd sequels and what
it is like to work with Sylvester Stallone and Ed Harris and so much more.

Brett came dressed as a nerd as only he can,

discussed meeting Hannah for the first time when he first got to Hollywood,

Talked about getting a Commercial where they only used his hands,

How his training as a Mime came in Handy,

had a great story about being accosted at an Anime convention
while dressed as the cartoon character Doug.

Stand-up comedian Jamie Gendron

also called in to tell Julia what an inspiration she was to her.

What a nerd!

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