Belle, Book & Candle

Written by on May 24, 2022

I have always been a fan of a hot burlesque show and these girls bring it.

Put together by the legendary Rock ‘N’ Roll Witch Pleasant Gehman it was the perfect way to celebrate her new book.

Hosted by Mae Lust each woman had an amazing introduction that they lived up to.

First up to the stage was Battyna Syn who dazzled us like a beautiful black swan from old glam Hollywood.

Later my three favorite were Lilian Sin and Mortis doing an incredible little play to Love Me Dead by Ludo. The chemistry between this husband and wife duo was obvious as Lilian enchanted her beaux into fulfilling her every whim.

My next favorite entertainer was the Rock ‘N’ Roll Witch herself who positively slew. The whole show was incredible under her command.

My easy favorite of the night was the beautiful Kira Von Sutra. Kira adorned herself in an incredible Anubis head and did an incredible burlesque act in classic Egyptian attire that enthralled myself and my friend Magician Michael Vile so much we went to her next show and asked her all about it.

There was also as always an element of magic as we in the audience got to do some clever spell work guided by the beautiful women of the night. They led us in a glamor ritual to make us all feel like badass witches in our own right.

All in all it was a magical night in all possible ways and I look forward to attending again. You can find Belle, Book & Candle every third Wednesday at the fabulous El Cid. Come join in the sexy debauchery and say hi if you see me.

Nicole Sixx
RenAgade Nation

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