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Written by on July 2, 2021

Art Party

It was a full moon over Beverly Hills and I was feeling good. I had been to one amazing show at the Leica Gallery already that night and had gone out with some friends for tequila and smoked some Renagade Kush after.

The room was warm and inviting as they checked us off on the VIP list at the door.

The bar was off to the left of the door and I grabbed a glass of white wine and began taking in all the incredible art before me.

The show was about mental health and each painting was a window into their artist’s psyche. Billy Morrison was standing by some fabulous pieces that were beautiful in his familiar and unique style.

Risk had massive sculptures of damage and acceptance and Dave Navarro had made my favorite piece there, a giant walk-in cuckoo clock display full of gorgeous ink blots and even a piece made entirely out of duct tape that was beautiful and reminded me of butterflies.

I have know both Dave Navarro and Billy Morrison for years and in awe of their work here it suddenly became important to me to say hello and tell them how proud I was of them opening up this way.

There were of course lines to each and I patiently waited while cool people, including members of Ministry, each said their hellos.

I hugged Billy first and said my piece and he said a hurried thanks before rushing away to his post, Dave however noticed me in line and smiled. He didn’t hurry or anything. He took selfies with each friend or fan and when he got me we hugged and each expressed how nice it was to see the other. The thing that always strikes me about Dave Navarro was how nice he is. I did not stop to have a selfie with him but instead talked about his art piece and how unbelievably proud I was of him opening up like this.

The show was incredible, the artists more than incredible as humans and if you would like to see more follow @dueldiagnosis on Instagram for a full gallery.

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