Amazon Eve, Dakota The Bearded Lady and Vida Ghaffari joined Mark for a surprisingly deep hour of conversation

Written by on December 14, 2018

Amazon Eve

Dakota “The Bearded Lady”


Vida Ghaffari

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Joined Mark for a surprisingly deep hour of conversation

9pm in Studio LIVE

Eve wanted to meet Vida because of their mutual martial arts backgrounds,

she talked about self-defense being a necessity after she transitioned even though she is 6’8′.

It also came in handy financially as men would pay her for the privilege of getting beat up.

She talked about the struggles she has had pre and post transition and how she has triumphed and become an inspiration to all genders and even fought the devil on American Horror Story Apocalypse.

Dakota talked about prejudices she has seen as a bearded lady,

how she had to shave in the middle of the day working the makeup counter at a department store,

Her pansexuality and what it is like working with Patrick Stewart and women with fake beards.

Vida talked about bullying she received as a Persian woman in America,

How red carpet interviewers have been unkind to her due to body hair,

Doing a weekly show on XM radio and compared fight scenes with Eve. edv.mp3


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