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Written by on October 23, 2018

On October 17, 2016, a few days after blacking out their profile pictures on social media, AFI began posting cryptic teaser videos on their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Later that week, the band released a teaser of their first song in three years via a Facebook live video.

When describing the length of time (four years) between AFI and their previous album, Burials, Havok said “we just come from the place of wanting to be 100% happy with the works we create, rather than fulfilling some sort of demand, whether it be from a label or a consumer. It’s really the modern standard of short attention spans, and it puts us in a difficult position. Quantity typically eclipses quality these days, but we can’t bow to that.” Havok referenced the time span of four years as well between Crash Love and Burials, which was also a four year gap (2009 to 2013)

Ahead of it’s January 20, 2017 release, AFI  (THE BLOOD ALBUM) was listed as one of the most anticipated albums of 2017 by Alternative Press.

The album has been noted for having elements of the bands traditional horror punk and gothic rock influences, but has been noted for infusing elements of post-punk and new wave on the record. Gen Handley, writing for Alternative Press interviewed Jade Puget about the post-punk and new-wave influences on the record, Puget said that there really is elements of it, although it was not his or Davey Havok’s intention when writing songs for the record.Puget said “these directions just come out of us for one reason or another. People have been saying that AFI is ’80s for like 15 years now, so the fact there is New Wave on there isn’t that surprising.”

Puget further noted several tracks on AFI that had evident influences of new wave. Specifically, he referred to “Above the Bridge” and “Feed From the Floor” which he said, had a Cure-esque feel to them. “That kind of music is just what we listened to when growing up, and I really love that element of the record.”

AFI recently joined forces with Anti flag on Rise Against’s Mourning Amerika Tour 2018, which ended finishing up the month of September.

What’s next for AFI? Follow them On Social Media and stay updated.@AFIREINSIDE https://www.facebook.com/afireinside/

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