Disturbed: Evolution, October 19th


Evolution is the upcoming seventh studio album by American heavy metal band Disturbed. It will be released on October 19, 2018 by Reprise Records.

The band announced in January 2018 that they had entered the studio to begin recording their seventh studio album. Recording wrapped up in June, just mixing and mastering needing to be done. It will be the band’s first album in over 3 years and the band’s first album in over 8 years to have bassist John Moyer being involved in.Frontman David Draiman stated that the writing and recording of the album was influenced by classic rock that members have listened to in their youth.

Guitarist Dan Donegan had this to say about the album: “We wanted to kind of, [after] being a band for over two decades now, just [acknowledge] how much we’ve evolved as songwriters, as a band, sonically, musically, as our friendship, as this album as you see once it comes out and everybody hears all the tracks how much it’s taken a bunch of turns. We were always going to push each other to go down other avenues. We’re trying to evolve as musicians. When we step in a room together, it’s always trying to bring something new that’s going to help inspire each other. That’s the challenge you face every time. To write 100-something songs together, I’m not worried about what the management or the record label or the fans think as much as I’m worried about… what the other guys in the band think about an idea I presented them. It’s always that challenge, but we have respect for each other and open minds and we come in and we take chances. It’s just music — you throw out ideas and hope it inspires somebody to write to it. You’ll see once you get a taste of the whole album on how much we’ve evolved in that way. We’ve thrown some ideas around here that are going to completely surprise people on some of the turns we’ve taken, but overall, we feel like we wrote some great songs here.”He also revealed that there will be no new cover songs from this album’s cycle.

The album will be a tribute to fallen heavy metal musicians such as Chester Bennington of Linkin Park and Vinnie Paul of Pantera, whom Disturbed were friends with and toured with over the years.

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