U.S. trading floor made us remember the movie “Trading Places,

The announcement of the closing of the ICE Futures U.S. trading floor made us remember the movie “Trading Places,” which was filmed on the old New York trading floor at the World Trade Center. Soon we began naming some of our favorite trading movies, A list of course that kept expanding. So here – pared down […]


The straight ahead Alt Rock Band from London >ISLAND<

 This weeks feature: >Island< The straight ahead Alt Rock Band from London >ISLAND< ISLAND is an Alternative guitar band that include front man Rollo Doherty’s, guitarist Jack Raeder, bassist James Wolfe and drummer Toby Richards. Their music is arena-baiting, both explosive and atmospheric. Gigantic hooks emotionally build with ambient blues and immersive catchy song-writing.  In […]


“…She’s very, very Talented…And then I heard Her Sing in the studio and it took My Breath Away.” Burt Bacharach

 Seattle’s singer songwriter, Melody Federer.    Melody Federer’s music is at once enigmatic and candidly charming. Texas-born with a nomadic soul, she honed her craft in New York, Paris, Los Angeles, and Nashville. Now living in Seattle,  she continues to gain recognition in the world of Alt, Indie and Pop music. Working with a vast range of […]


Hotel Party

When I received word that my friend William Reed was set to DJ the Caravan Swim Club I knew I had to make a trip near the ocean and see it. A beautiful pool surrounded by lights and palm trees provided a calming oasis outside the Hotel June. I had forgotten what a wonderful DJ […]


Emo Party

So for years now I have been friends with this very successful actor/DJ Talon Reid. Talon is friends with everyone, rappers, rock bands, and famous actors you can often seen him photographed with at red carpet events. Naturally when I heard he was starting a bi-weekly DJ event on the infamous Melrose Ave in LA […]


Freakshow Party

I arrived at Carl Crew’s “California Institute of Abnormal Arts” early that night. I had a long list of friends performing and wanted to see them all. The club looks like something shady out of the orient brought to life here in North Hollywood and even says “Chinatown” on the building. Inside are mysterious delights […]


“I create as much as I possibly can” Skuff Micksun

Skuff Micksun -AOW- Features Cleveland, Ohio’s Skuff Micksun.    Skuff Micksun comes from a diverse background of genres and after leaving Chicago, where he worked on films and commercial gigs as a prop/set designer as well as an Art Director, he’s been releasing a steady stream of music from his hometown in Cleveland, Ohio. His name […]

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