In The Thick Of It: Super Mic at the Wheel

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Happy Easter for those of you that celebrate, and for those of you that don’t, enjoy a regular Sunday with some decent weather! (wa state at least)

Super Mic talks about how an 8 Year old boy managed to get him and his sister lunch at McDonalds.

Mrs. Mic is back with a delicious guacamole recipe to dip your chips and eat on!

Super Mic and Great White Hype fight over a microphone to express the hazards of using an outdated SCUBA cylinder, which left one man with NO BALLS!

Exclusive releases from 2 northwest bands. Guilty Smoke (an AMPLIVENW.COM participant) and another band out of Spokane.

Super Mic touches base on whats going on in Canada!


Mrs. Mic’s Pampered Chef!

Chicken Fajitas (last week’s episode)

Easy Guacamole

Other sources:

Tampa man loses testicles after trying to ‘fill scuba tank with weed smoke’