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Also this week, joining us will be Hip Hop artist, Serious Mak whom will be performing Weds March 15 at Jazzbones in Tacoma in effort to earn his spot on Seattle Hempfest, Evergreen Fest, Portland Hempstalk, Highway to Hemp festival Tour to Las Vegas and Art on The Ave in Tacoma!

Serious MAK (Born Michael A Kover, 1987) writes real world songs that many can relate too because he draws his inspiration from the people around him.  You can feel the excitement from the drop of the first beat, the second Serious MAK hits the stage.  The MAK man hails from Olympia, Washington.  He has taken his musical talent on tours nationwide.   He puts in a lot of hard work, time, and dedication for his fans while making his dream a reality.

“A dream in action results in MAK attraction.”

Serious MAK found his purpose in music and has been following his dream since a young age, writing lyrics at the age of twelve, with his first performance at sixteen.  Throughout the last 11 years he’s faced challenges and grown, but while still loving and pursuing his goals and dream.

Get Serious MAK’s most recent album “Feet Won’t Hit The Ground” (featuring KD, Kutt Calhoun, Yuppie Monk, Twisted Insane, and Potluck) on Amazon, iTunes, CDBaby or our site.  This album has a unique sound and style, listening to this CD will take your mind to a world without limits!

“Nothing is impossible, it’s just an obstacle.”

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Yesterdays show was a heavy one. Sex Trafficking is not a fun nor easy subject to talk about but it is one that needs to be discussed more.

Here is March 5th’s episode of In The thick of it with special guests, Sally Richardson and Representative Lynne DiSanto.

Make sure to check out the links and further educate one’s self. You could save a life!

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