Doomsday clock, how far from midnight are we?

Got a great show lined up for you guys today!

We will be getting wet with dive stories!
Doomsday clock, how far from midnight are we?
Molecular Robots are a thing now????

With special guests, Mr. Green and Cherry Pie joining me on the show today.

420: is the Budd Brothers with Shib and Jonny for the 4:20 Power hour!

Then for the Live Artist Showcase at 6PM
Got Caleb Jermaine and DJ Sean the Shamann coming in studio for a look behind the music!

tune in to

We are giving away tickets today as well!

GroupLove: Welcome to Your Life — shot on Surround 360

We can all innovate a little faster when we work together, so we open-sourced our Surround 360 Camera design and stitching code. Now that everyone has access to 3D-360 technology, we're able to bring new experiences—like having a front-row seat to your favorite band—to everyone. Check out Surround 360 as GROUPLOVE rocks out with Fender gear.

Posted by Facebook on Friday, October 21, 2016