The Metal Marquis

Welcome to the SHOW…….

My name is

Mark Massacre


…members of my metal family that stop by to include DevilChild, Hostile Hostack, Kory Kaos, and the ever-present GOAT!

every Friday from 9-11 PM, or catch us on Saturday morning when you’re hung over ya crazy party animals!!! The back episodes are always available right here, just scroll down.

I travel alot, so I’ll do my damndest to bring the best Talent I can find, it’s what I do, might be nothing ….. “But” it could also be everything, Won’t know till we Know.


For Me living is all about MUSIC – namely METAL!!!. Are you as tired as I am of the same old crappy pop rock coming out of your radio? Then tune into The Metal Marquis, and hear fresh new metal, with interviews performed IN SITU – we are going to the Devil’s Den and actually interviewing the bands in their own practice space, with live music and crazy shenanigans!! Get to know these guys like you never have before!

Bear in mind, this is adult radio – so if you kiddies want in you better bring a note from your mommy – and if you offend easily, well, we aim to please 🙂

Welcome to The Metal Marquis

Fridays @ 9pm don’t be Late

Mark Massacre

The Metal Marquis in Studio


Red Beard – Episode 1

Host of

Kurt Clark – Episode 2

God among men…. and one of the best photographers in the biz

Rich Hurst – Episode 4

Lead Vocals – Manager at JesusWearsArmani, Sergeant at 25th Infantry Division

Eric Weber – Episode 5

Bassist at Salem Knights

Chris Dal Porto – Episode 6

Guitar at Bioplague

Danielle Gregory – Episode 7

Sticky at DuctTape Bookings

The Team – Episode 8

Working at The Metal Marquis

DEVILATION – Episode 9

Killing it every damn day

The Mighty Casey Catts – Episode 10

Guitars at Jesus Wears Armani

NO SUCH SEASON – Episode 11

WHAT THOU WILT – Episode 12

Vesuvian – Episode 13

Emanon – Episode 14


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