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Do you like good content? Music with substance, coverage of hot topics with special guests? Interviews with main stream and not so mainstream artists?

How about Feel good stories and fatherly advice?

Well that is what we are doing our best to deliver to you! 

With segments such as:

Kumbaya Moments of the week where we highlight the good part of humanity!

Not So Main Stream: Highlighting the artists climbing their way from the underground and into your ears with exclusive interviews!

Mind Grope: Interview with other public figures, Veterans, Big names in the entertainment Industry, and good mind salivating knowledge from figures who are held in high regards in their communities.

Just Parental Things: Funny stories from personal experiences and listener submitted stories of their parental approaches.

The Fight Scene: Interviews with Professional fighters, upcoming ammy’s and behind the scene coverage of events.

Edumacation: Random fun facts with a little bit of science!

Heavy Subjects: Coverage of home hitting topics that could change our world as we know it.

And of course filling your earholes with some sweet ass music from hip hop, pop, to rock and roll and almost everything in between.

Our Goal:

We want to provide you with quality substance! Whether you’re a parent, not a parent, a college student, or an adult of some sort that won’t be ashamed to listen to us around others! Doing our best to deliver you good quality content, honest news, events, and laughs with hosts whom are not afraid to speak their minds with proper justification.

Facts About Your Hosts!

The Great White Hype AKA “Psycho Sigo” (pronounced Sigh-Go)
Federally Recognized Minority! (I have ID to prove it!)
Army Veteran 3 years as Military Police, 3 years training in a Bomb Disposal Unit (EOD)
Amateur fighter with an overall record of 8W 1L
Commercial Diver
Was called Utters in high school (I have 4 nipples, No, not kidding)
can tell how cold it is by how many are nipping.
Called Psycho Sigo ever since I can remember
standing at 6’5″ and 300+ pounds
Does not like to personally promote things that glorifies sex, money, drugs, or violence.
Not a big fan of alcohol
I see the benefits and value in Cannabis and perceive it to be safer than alcohol, especially on the liver.

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Facts about Mr. Twist:
Seeing that TGWH is writing this…
Mr. Twist is weird, but in a good way.
Will be able to update this!
Has looked up to TGWH for at least 7 years.
Thinks TGWH is the coolest person alive.
Not white!
Not racist… or is he???
All jokes aside, Mr Twist is a good cat!
Facts will be updated!

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